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Garage Door Repair in Georgetown

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If you have a business in Georgetown or you live in Georgetown, and are in need of a overhead door repair or service to your electric opener, then contact us, and we will have someone out quickly, because we always have a garage door service truck in the Georgetown area.

In Georgetown we service and repair:

  • Residential garage doors and garage door openers repair
  • Commercial overhead garage doors and openers repair
  • Apartment/Condo garage doors and openers repair
  • Damaged sections replacement
  • Wood garage doors repair
  • Steel insulated garage doors repair
  • Vinyl garage doors repair
  • Custom garage doors repair
  • Coach house garage doors repair
Remember, when it comes to garage door repair in Georgetown ....
"No one does it better than Dodds does"
DODDS garage door repairs truck in Georgetown

Georgetown Spring Repair and Replacement Specialists!

The most important element to a safe and quiet garage door is the springs. Springs are what balance the heavy garage door so that motor or manual lift can happen safely. We can usually repair the same day as our techs in Georgetown carry most of the equipment necessary to fix your garage door springs.

Fixing a Garage Door:

  • garage door itself
  • garage door opener

Some Townhouse garage doors are old one-piece doors that are obsolete and parts are not available and some are Sectional doors which run on vertical and horizontal tracks. If your townhouse has old one-piece doors, there are many solutions to upgrade the property image and value. Sectional garage doors available today are insulated steel providing insulation as well as rigidity to resist major puck and ball dents from hockey/soccer playing in the driveway.

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Call us or book on-line and you can be assured that we will show up and on time. Office hours are 9am - 5pm. We provide emergency after-hours service; it is billed at double time with a two hour minimum.