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In this section, we want to explain what makes DODDS different from many other GTA garage door companies, and how we can help you save money.

More than likely, many of you have read newspaper articles or have seen the episode on NBC's newsmagazine show DATELINE, that exposed unethical practices of garage door companies and their repairmen. The hidden camera investigation revealed garage door repairmen taking advantage of homeowners, and in some cases charging as much as $700 for a typical $170 job, and selling parts that are not needed, at inflated prices.

According to the DATELINE investigation, here lies the problem; when a company pays to its repairmen a commission (like many GTA garage door companies do) then higher invoices are naturally the result. The following is a quote from that particular show that sums up the problem.

"Repairmen get paid strictly on how much they bring in, so there is an incentive to charge higher prices ....... they are essentially writing their own salary."


DODDS Garage Doors do not pay their repairmen a commission on parts. There is no incentive for them to fix or replace something that does not need fixing or replacing.

They only repair what is needed, DODDS pay their repairmen only for their time, making our average repair invoice much lower than the commission based companies.

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