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Does this story sound familiar? It's been a long day and you are finally home after fighting rush hour traffic on the QEW, only to find when you arrive home that your garage door or garage door opener is broken. Ideally, you want someone there fast, fix the problem properly, and just as important, do so at a fair price....... This sounds exactly like DODDS garage doors.

Whether its fixing residential or commercial garage doors in Oakville .....
"No one does it better than DODDS does"

Garage Doors Openers Repairs in Oakville

The second major kind of garage door problem is with the remote or the opening switch. If it is a switch on the garage door that is causing problems, it is most likely a loose connection or something as simple. Just check the circuit breakers in the mains of the garage, and you should be able to find something that has gone wrong - like a fuse blown or something close. In the case of a remote control, as long as the batteries are fine, it shouldn't cause you too many problems. If it is, and you've tried with a new set of batteries, just check that you are within range - try going close and then operating the remote. If that doesn't work, you can simply reprogram the remote control to work with the garage again, and everything should be fine. Very rarely do complaints like that need professional attention. But, we always have a garage door repair truck in the Oakville area to assist you.

We offer:

  • Same day service in most cases
  • Professional, well trained technicians
  • Repairmen who are not on commission, meaning, they have no reason to sell you parts that in most cases are not needed.

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Call us or book on-line and you can be assured that we will show up and on time. Office hours are 9am - 5pm. We provide emergency after-hours service; it is billed at double time with a two hour minimum.