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Richmond Hill is our home turf, and that is where our head office is. So, if you live in Richmond Hill or have a business in Richmond Hill, and are in need of service of your garage opener or a garage door repair, then call us because we are right around the corner from you and can have a garage door service truck there in no time.

We sell and fix garage doors and openers, so if you live in the Richmond Hill area and are in need of garage door service or repair to your garage door opener, then call us and we will have a garage door service truck there in no time.


  • residential garage doors
  • broken garage door springs, cables, rollers and hinges
  • commercial and industrial garage doors
  • electric openers
  • damage garage door sections
  • wood garage doors
  • steel insulated garage doors
  • custom garage doors
  • vinyl garage doors
  • coach house garage doors
So, if you wish to purchase, or are looking for a garage door repair in Richmond Hill ......
"No one does it better than DODDS does"

Creaking noises and other sounds are the next most common complaint, and your manual will have detailed instructions on what to do when these noises creep up. There are a lot of solutions for that one, and one of them will solve your problem. It could be adjusting the tension on the springs - but be sure that you adjust both springs to exactly the same level - say ¼th of a turn or something; or could be a little application of grease; or even something far more simpler. If not we always have a garage door repair track in the Richmond Hill area.

Today's garage doors are built with the intention that no further maintenance needs to be done on them, but that doesn't mean something can't and won't go wrong. Like the axiom "prevention is better than cure", just keep checking your garage door once a month, and everything will be fine.

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Call us or book on-line and you can be assured that we will show up and on time. Office hours are 9am - 5pm. We provide emergency after-hours service; it is billed at double time with a two hour minimum.